A Bird’s Eye View Of San Francisco

Category: Blog San Francisco Bay Area Written by Bryan J. Jacop / January 27, 2014

heli 15 Located is very lucky.

Rather, I should say, I am very lucky.

A lot of Located’s success to date has been due to the generosity of friends and colleagues that have sent business my way, and I always try to return the favor, by taking good care of all referrals, and to return the favor.

Recently, a very good friend of mine, Cameron Bohannon, has shared some amazing pictures of San Francisco that he took from a chartered helicopter.  He also gave me permission to use them here on the website.  Here are a few samples, and you can expect to see a lot more of his amazing work in future posts.

Cameron is still working on the final touches of his website and business, so expect to hear more from me about Reckord Productions in the future.  He will also be releasing some of these images as a calendar for 2015 starting in June of 2014.

A very big thank you to Cameron for his generosity!



Thank for sharing!

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