PODCAST – 9: Amery Zhen Shares a Few of Her Favorite Things

Category: Podcast San Francisco Bay Area Written by Bryan J. Jacop / January 15, 2014

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Amery currently lives in Oakland and works in the city as a Technical Recruiter. She moved back to the Bay Area after attending U.C Davis and now plans to stay in there for the long run. In her spare time, she enjoys working out at the gym at the local 24-hour fitness center.

Your San Francisco Story

Hear what Amery has to say

The Good

Chaya – A great place on the Embarcadero with some special memories

The Bad

What does Amery think is so bad?

The Awesome

Beyond Wonderland – EDM in the Bay Area

The Hidden

Genki Crepes – Amery’s go to spot for great crepes in the Bay Area

The Storm

Check out what our guest has to say by listening to the Podcast

The Book – Images of America – San Francisco 

The Money

$1,000 to spend in one night? –  Chaya & the Grand

$20 to spend in one night – Geta

The Close

What San Francisco means to Amery


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