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Category: Blog Business Mindset Written by Bryan J. Jacop / January 23, 2014

Back when I started Located, I did so with the goal in mind to help new arrivals to the Bay Area become successful, and as a continuation of that thought, I’m proud to announce the start of Located Thoughts.


Located Thoughts will be a series of future blog posts loosely based around three different topics; sales, management, and cross cultural communication and culture shock.  The purpose of these articles is to provide thoughts and insight into how to approach different situations, and to hopefully provide a new avenue to explore.


The articles will be released on a weekly basis and talk about different issues faced by salespeople, managers, and people that find themselves in new environments where they have to adapt to new ways of doing things.  Some of the articles will be how-to guides, and some will be general thoughts and statistics.  All will be aimed at helping readers get ideas for tips and tricks to improve their overall performance, and these thoughts and ideas will be in addition to the articles we will be posting about life in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Located is committed to helping everyone in our committee be as successful as possible.  If at any time there are any questions or thoughts about the topics covered in the blog, or to request a post on a particular topic, please email us at


Hoping to see you in San Francisco,


Thank for sharing!

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