2: Bill Swartz

_chuzainin_billBill is laid back, in your face, high rent, industrial strength, fast acting and long lasting. He’s America loving, Japanese speaking, socially liberal and politically conservative. He’s caring, sharing, healing, supportive, nurturing, and anatomically correct. He’s the man of steel with a heart of gold.

In his work: Fun is serious business and business is serious fun.
They call him The Mailman because he delivers, every time, all the time.
he’s an SFO home-ported, bi-coastal multi-tasker working both sides of the Pacific.

In his private life, he makes fireworks burst into pulsating streams of brilliant color and waves crash loudly on the beach. He rides BMW motorcycles and enjoys cupcakes

The $1,000 Question

Airship Ventures – The company is unfortunately out of business, but you can see what he meant here.

The $20 Question

Musee Mechanique – His favorite spot, with some not so healthy food

Additional Resources

B.A.R.F. – Bay Area Riders Forum

Tenchu: Stealth Assassins – how he made his career

Deer Drive – a super fast take on deer hunting

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