Coaching & Mentoring

Are You in Need of a Little Fresh Perspective?

Are you looking for a way to help accelerate your professional career?  Do you need a little help thinking outside the box?  Are you stuck in a rut and need some help getting some momentum going?  Or do you need help staying motivated and achieving your goals? Bryan has been helping people all his life, but took a larger interest in couching professionally in 2009.  Since then he has helped to coach managers, direct reports, friends and colleagues on everything from sales excellence, to achieving personal goals.  He uses a variety of tools to challenge, motivate, and inspire the people he works with. Bryan can help you look at things from another perspective.  Or keep you motivated to push forward with your goals.   Schedule a free, no obligation 30-minute Skype HERE chat with him to see if he can help.

Silver Program

If you need help working through a difficult problem, and want help and advice, half-day workshops are available for $500

Gold Program

30-Day Coaching Program – Come with your questions, and your goals!  With this package, I’ll work with you over 30 days to help you accelerate life.  You’ll get five 30-minute coaching sessions, delivered weekly, where we’ll discuss how to push your forward with your goals.  You’ll also have reasonable access to me via email for all your questions and thoughts that come up during the week!!  $1350

Platinum Program

90-Day Coaching Program – Come with your questions and goals!!  This package is similar to the 30-day program.  You’ll get a total of 15 30-minute coaching sessions, reasonable access to me via email, for the cost of $1200 per month.  Total $3600

Plutonium Program

1 Year of professional development – Come with short and long term goals as I will provide you with a year’s worth of professional training and guide you to your dreams!  Total $12000

Often times, the only thing that is needed to move forward is to simply take that first step.  Take that first step, and schedule a call with Bryan HERE


“Bryan provided me with great insights and the motivation to accomplish my career goals. He is very personable and truly takes the time to understand his clients. I would highly recommend him for anyone who is looking for a great mentor.” –Amery Zhen

“Bryan’s coaching style revolves around empowering those he works with. He always makes himself available and approachable for any questions or further clarification that is needed.”  — Austin Rathe

“I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work under Bryan’s mentorship; his methods of encouragement and self-awareness have helped me realize my true potential. He makes climbing a mountain achievable and fun, and never makes you feel like less-than for not being able to meet a certain goal in a particular frame of time; instead he acknowledges the greatness that was there to begin with. He believes in the people he coaches and never gives up on them. On top of his professional qualities, Bryan is a wonderful friend, father and husband, and an exciting person to be around. He is truly an inspiration for those who believe in the power of their dreams.”  – Monica Diaz

“Bryan is a great mentor – when I first began working for him, he helped to ensure my knowledge about marketing was solidified through ample training and rigorous hands-on experience. He continuously helped all members of our team to understand our roles and pushed us to explore new areas.”  - Monique Hernandez-Fuentes

“Bryan’s leadership practices and coaching skills are extremely effective. Teams, both large and small, would greatly benefit from his ability to meet deliverables and personable skill sets.”  - Eduardo Ronquillo, JR.

“Bryan is a great teacher, motivator, and friend. He is very approachable and made sure all of my questions were answered when I needed assistance. I highly recommend Bryan as he is very genuine and takes time with every individual he works with.”  - Darren Anderson

“Bryan’s course and tutelage have enabled me to attain an unprecedented level of focus, determination, and productivity in my personal and professional lives. I feel well equipped to make the most out of my endeavors, and highly recommend his services.”  – Dave Shelton