About Us

Located LLC was created to help people move to and get acclimated to life in the Bay Area.  The founders have experience moving to different areas, and understand the stresses of being in a brand new place.

While moving to a brand new place is often very exciting, it can also be nerve wracking, and we want to help minimize that stress.  By managing not only the logistics behind a move, and helping a person acclimate to their new home, we create a better overall experience.  Providing answers to the questions and problems of relocation and acclimation has become our mission.

In pursuit of our mission, we are guided by three principles that we have turned into promises that we make to each of our clients:

  1. We will treat you like our friend

  2. We will offer complete transparency and honest communication

  3. We will always act in an ethical manner

These three principles guide everything we do at Located, both in the way we work with our clients, and the way that we work with our partners.   This helps us build and establish trust, and helps us focus on helping our clients.

When we manage someone’s move to the Bay Area, we like to split the move into three phases; Pre-Move, Post-Move, and On-Going Learn & Support.  During each of the three phases, we answer different questions regarding the logistics and acclimation process we mentioned above.  During the Pre-Move period, we offer visa support, informational interviews on the Bay Area, and we begin our living space hunt.  We also like to coordinate any airport pickups, and set up the utilities before our clients arrive, so that way when they arrive they can go directly to their new home and have everything ready for them.


During the Post-Move phase, we offer neighborhood tours, which highlight public transportation options, grocery stores, and other unique aspects of their new neighborhood.  We also do a quick orientation to answer any questions they may about bank accounts, American culture, cross cultural communication issues, and anything else that may come up.

During the On-Going Learning & Support phase we offer English lessons, networking events, partner support, and other additional services to help people enjoy and appreciate their life here in the Bay Area.  We also have a licensed therapist that can help our clients through any stressful situations you may encounter, such as problems with culture shock or other difficulties acclimating to life in the Bay Area.

ring from you and learning how we can best support you.At Located LLC, we have a full range of support services to offer.  Each client’s experience will be different, and we will provide the best answers for him or her. We are looking forward to hea

Thank You.