Bryan_Jun2013_9571FF Bryan J. Jacop – Bryan holds a dual B.A. in International Relations and Japanese Language and Culture from University of the Pacific. Bryan first moved to Japan in 1997 to take part in a youth exchange program during high school.  He participated in a yearlong, complete immersion program hosted by Rotary International, and attended a special immersion program at a local Japanese High School in Yamaguchi Prefecture, located on Honshu’s southern tip. After high school, he returned to Japan during college to attend Kwansei Gakuin University’s year-long Japanese Language Study Program.  During that time, he began teaching English to Japanese students, as well as helping outgoing exchange students prepare for culture shock and the cultural differences they would experience abroad.  He also returned several times to Yamaguchi Prefecture to help Rotary host parents and exchange students better understand the communication and cultural differences. After graduating college, Bryan moved to San Francisco, where he got involved in the local Japanese community and did some volunteer work with the JCCNC while working in banking.  He then returned to Japan to help a small independent English conversation school expand to multiple locations around the Kansai area of Japan. Since returning to San Francisco in 2006, Bryan has participated in several volunteer organizations, teaching conversational English to Japanese nationals in San Francisco, and giving presentations to local business on differences in life between the U.S. and Japan. In 2011, he started working for CyberAgent America, a Japanese information services company that had opened offices in San Francisco, and was tasked with hiring and managing the local sales team, and acting as a bridge between Japanese management and the local staff.  He then went on to work for gumi INC, a Japanese mobile gaming company, where he build the local team, and advised the Japanese HQ about differences in work environments between the U.S. and Japan. In 2013, he founded Located, LLC, a relocation company that provides full service relocation services for people moving to the San Francisco Bay Area.  The goal of Located, LLC is to ensure that when anyone who moves to the Bay Area gets the most out of their experience, both personally and professionally.


Kanako_Jun2013_9551FF Kanako Jacop – Kanako holds a B.A. in Liberal Arts from Tsuda College. Kanako also holds a Certificate English Teaching for Non Native Speakers and a Certificate Japanese teaching for Non Native Speakers. Kanako first came to U.S. in 2000 as a Rotary Exchange Student to California during high school. She participated in a yearlong, complete immersion program hosted by Rotary International, attending a local high school in Salinas, California. After high school, she attended Tsuda College in Tokyo where she was a part of the Department of English. During this time, she also earned 2 certificates for teaching English and teaching Japanese for non-native speakers. At college, she belonged to English Speaking Society and she learned bout public speaking in English speech. She participated in speech competitions in Japan and in 2006 she was recognized as one of the top 10 English Public Speaking students in Japan. After graduating college, she worked for Mazda Motor Corporation at their headquarters in Hiroshima, Japan, as an HR business partner. She supported the Finance and Marketing and Sales Divisions for HR issues and supported 400 employees helping them to develop their careers within the company. In 2009, she transferred to the International HR Department and worked as an International HR Specialist. She was responsible for all relocation matters, including obtaining Visas and coordinating the moves of outbound and inbound employees, and their families, between the headquarters in Hiroshima, and the U.S. and European affiliated offices. She managed the U.S. Visa process for all employees sent to the U.S., and arranged all benefits (e.g., medical insurance, children’s school) for employees sent to U.S. She also managed Japanese Visa process for non-Japanese employees from Europe and U.S.A.. She served as a bridge between Japanese and western employees to help them to work together in order to achieve the same goal as a one company. In 2011, she moved to San Francisco, where she’s been working for an American consulting firm based in San Francisco as an Office Manager. In 2013, she helped Bryan founding Located, LLC.  She enjoys helping people to settle in the Bay Area.