Located LLC Now Accepts Bitcoin!

Category: Blog Business Success Written by Bryan J. Jacop / May 1, 2014

Located LLC Now Accepts Bitcoin!


We are proud to announce that Located LLC now accepts Bitcoin.  We came to this decision, because, well, Bitcoin is cool.  There’s a lot of freedom behind Bitcoin, and we welcome the concept of a new open currency.  Now I’m not going to preach all the cool things that Bitcoin does, and if you aren’t familiar with Bitcoin and how it works, you can start learning about it here.  Then you can make up your own mind on Bitcoin.


Another reason for us wanting to accept Bitcoin is that people ask us how they can help support Located, and by accepting Bitcoin, we are trying to make the process a lot easier.  All contributions we receive will go to continuing to support Located’s mission of helping people; whether we are developing new informational sessions, writing up new blog articles, and improving the quality of our podcast.


Moving forward, our blog posts, and articles that appear on our website will have our Bitcoin address and QR code, so you can donate directly to us if you like what we are talking about.  These donations will help us to continue to produce great content.


Thank you for all the support!

Our Bitcoin Address: 1M5k68q34ur8vYEN2UKbWxpfiVfUjTCv8d

You can send us Bitcoin but scanning this QR code with your Bitcoin Wallet

You can send us Bitcoin but scanning this QR code with your Bitcoin Wallet

Thank for sharing!

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