PODCAST – 11: Neal Wiggins Shares How He Ended Up In The San Francisco Bay Area

Category: Podcast Written by Bryan J. Jacop / January 30, 2014

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Originally from North Carolina, Neal moved to San Francisco for work after finishing school in DC. Always game for an adventure, Neal never worries about venturing outside of his comfort zone. This fuels his drive in technology and exploration of the ever-evolving neighborhoods in and around San Francisco. In his free time, Neal is checking out delicious restaurants, unique events, emerging and established musicians at great concert venues, or art exhibits at gorgeous museums and galleries.

2.         Your San Francisco Story

Find out How Neal would up in the Bay Area

3.         The Good

Dolores Park

Tartine Bakery

4.         The Bad

Listen to what Neal think is one of the biggest problems facing San Francisco

5.         The Awesome

Point Break Live at DNA Lounge

6.         The Hidden

Seward Street Slides – His hidden gem

7.         The Storm

The Book – The Bicycle Diaries

8.         The Money

$1,000 to spend in one night? –

Foreign Cinema – Great food and great drinks

$20 to spend in one night –

Yamo – Tiny Burmese Place

Castro Theater – The Midnight Special

Green Apple – A bookstore to spend hours in

9.         The Close

Listen to hear

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