The Partners of Located LLC are the groups, organizations and products we work with on a normal basis.  They represent groups that we stand behind as they demonstrate their own commitments to personal excellence, and we are happy to partner with them.  In some cases, we have a special relationship with the partners and products we feature here, and we may get a referral fee for sending clients to them.  If you have any questions about the companies and products listed here, please contact






Japan Intercultural Consulting: Japan Intercultural Consulting is a global training and consulting firm focused on Japanese business. Its focus is on helping clients improve working relationships in multicultural environments. Services include cross-cultural training seminars, management and communication skills training seminars, teambuilding programs, human resource management consulting, and executive coaching services.  To learn more, check them out at


Manami Yamamoto: MFTI/Clinical Counselor in Japan, Expressive Arts Therapy, and Cross Cultural Counselor. She combines various therapeutic modalities to provide a holistic and integrative approach to clients. She has worked with culturally diverse populations and worked as a psychotherapist in a range of settings including schools, hospitals and mental health counseling center. Since 2011, she has also offered Expressive Arts Therapy and mental health training in Fukushima, Japan to the survivors of the tsunami and the nuclear reactor accident.  To learn more, please visit her English website by visiting