PODCAST – 10: Robert Schuman Talks About What He Loves About the Bay Area

Category: Podcast San Francisco Bay Area Written by Bryan J. Jacop / January 22, 2014

robert_a_schuman_02 1.         Intro

Robert got jealous of the innovation culture in San Francisco, so he decided to move out to get some of that innovative San Francisco action.  He’s been working for an awesome company focused on memory training, and has gotten serious about climbing, boating, and traveling in the Bay.

2.         Your San Francisco Story

Robert talks about how he ended up in San Francisco

3.         The Good

Point Reyes Peninsula

San Mateo Restaurants

4.         The Bad

Listen to what Robert isn’t such a fan of

5.         The Awesome

Check out what Robert is looking forward to

6.         The Hidden

The Berkeley Marina

Cesar Chavez Park

7.         The Storm

Check out what our guest has to say by listening to the Podcast

The Book – The Art of the Start

8.         The Money

$1,000 to spend in one night? –

Night Fishing off the Coast

Night Camping

$20 to spend in one night –

Ghirardelli Square

Buena Vista Cafe

9.         The Close

Hear what Robert has to say

10.   Connect


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