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Category: Blog Sales Sales Academy Written by Bryan J. Jacop / March 7, 2014
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When you work for a smaller or lesser known company, one of the toughest things is building trust at the close of sale.  You don’t have a strong company name to rely on to give credibility to your pitch.  In essence, you are selling the company, yourself, and your product.  After you give your pitch, and are ready to move to next steps, what can you do?

When you building trust at the close of a sale, you need to demonstrate that you care about your potential client. Show that you are want to help them.  Let me explain with an example.

I was listening to a sales presentation the other day, and although the gentleman was trying hard, I wasn’t biting.  With my background in sales, I can be a little bit more of a tough sell, especially when beginning sales people try out sales techniques they haven’t mastered yet.  Nevertheless, I  listened, asked questions, and engaged with him around the different things he mentioned.

When it was time for him to start building trust at the close, he tried to focus on how much the company he works for trusts him.  The thing is though, I wasn’t sure yet that I trusted his company.  In fact, I was quite suspicious of his company.  So pointing out that his company trusts him actually made me even more suspicious of his motives, and less likely for me to give him any money.

How could he have done a better job of building trust at the close?  That’s right, he could have focused on his passion to help people.  He had told me a great story at the beginning of his presentation about seeing people getting taken advantage of and how he wanted to change that.  If he would would have gone back to that, he would have been in a much better position to ask for my business.

When you are presenting to people, you have an opportunity to impress upon them how much you care about getting their business.  If you sell advertising, you can tell them how much you want to help their product be successful.  If you sell financial services, talk about wanting people to have money and be protected.  If you are selling an education product, focus on how you want to see individuals have more options.

Your company’s mission may help with the branding, but people don’t put trust in companies.  They put their trust in the driven people that make a company run.  Demonstrate that you want to help them.  And be honest about it.  People can smell the BS, and nothing will kill a sale faster than a disingenuous pitch.

Throughout your presentation talk about the benefit your product or service will bring them.  Make that the theme of your presentation.  Then when you are building trust at the close of your pitch, you will have a solid foundation to stand on.

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