PODCAST – 12: Tyler Brown Shares Thoughts on Traditional Gaming

Category: Food Podcast Recommendations Written by Bryan J. Jacop / February 5, 2014

Show Notes

1.         Intro

Tyler is a San Francisco Bay area Native and tech enthusiast, working as an Account Manager for Homejoy, which is a local startup.  He is also a huge fan of traditional gaming.

2.         Your San Francisco Story

Listen to Tyler’s story about growing up in Redwood City, and coming to the City

3.         The Good

The Pulgas Water Temple: This amazing location hidden next the Crystal Springs Reservoir

4.         The Bad

Give a listen to hear what Tyler has to say.  It was quite poignant.

5.         The Awesome

The upcoming D&D release.  We didn’t share these resources in the podcast but check them out to get news and updates on traditional gaming.

Wizards of the Coast – The company that makes Dungeons and Dragons.  This page is a great resource to get started with D&D

Pathfinder Society – Pathfinder is a classic pen and paper system based on the 3.5 open game license. It was created so that fans of DND 3.5 would have a modern system which was with classic content when the official 3.5 went out of print.

Roll20 – A web tool that will allow you take your gaming online through Google Hangouts.

6.         The Hidden

Angelica’s Bistro – Tyler’s local spot in Redwood City that offers music, craft beer, and great fun.

7.         The Storm

Listen to Tyler’s answers, but here are the links to follow:

Marcus Aurelius – Meditations

Neal Stephenson’s The Baroque Cycle Series:

Book One – Quicksilver

Book Two  – The Confusion

Book Three – The System of the World

Roxie Theater – The small local theater where Tyler caught The Persistence of Vision, the story of Richard Williams, the creator of Rodger Rabbit

8.         The Money

$1,000 to spend in one night? –

Zeitgeist – His great party

$20 to spend in one night –

Naranjos Taqueria – a great taqueria to grab food for two people

9.         The Close

Listen to Tyler’s tips

10.   Connect

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