Why are Apologies a Good Idea?

Category: Blog Success Written by Bryan J. Jacop / February 13, 2014
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We’ve all been there.  A simple conversation, or some small issue spirals out of control and devolves into a serious disagreement.  The power of an apology is seriously underestimated in most relationships today.  A lot of times people are afraid of an apology because they don’t want to take the blame for a situation and worry that an apology will make them look weak.  However, the opposite is true.  It is the strong person that can assume responsibility for their actions.


There are some people who will fight tooth and nail against the idea of apologizing, creating every possible justification to avoid making an apology.  My personal favorite is “It’s not my fault.” Well, actually, it is.  In every relationship, personal or professional, it takes two people.  Your actions are a result of your choices.  You are always responsible for your behavior, regardless of the situation you are in.


If a person walks up to you and starts poking you with an umbrella, and you get mad, and start poking the person back, who’s responsible?  While you aren’t responsible for the personal walking up to start poking you, but you are responsible for your reaction.  Your anger and your actions while you are angry are under your control.  So for every relationship that has turned sour, you are responsible for half of the problem.


You should never try to assume responsibility for the actions of other people.  However there is a lot to be said for the person that can ALWAYS put their best foot forward and not work towards hurting the relationship further.  It can be challenging to not respond in a negative way when you have been treated poorly.  And by doing so, you will have a great advantage over others.


Apologies are a good idea because they allow you to demonstrate you accept responsibility for your own actions, regardless of the situation you are put in.  They also show that you value your relationships more than you do your sense of self-pride, and that will take you far in your career and your personal relationships.  Finally, apologies are a great idea as they show that you can be critical of yourself, and want to change for the better.


Go out there and be mighty.


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