PODCAST- 13: Yuki Mochizuki Talks About Fanime and Growing Up In Burlingame

Category: Blog Podcast Written by Bryan J. Jacop / February 21, 2014

Show Notes

1.         Intro

Yuki grew up, went to school, and has worked in California her whole life, in or near the San Francisco bay area. She is Japanese but very Americanized.

2.         Your San Francisco Story

Yuki talks about what it was like growing up in Burlingame, and what it’s like living in Vallejo

3.         The Good

Kisaku - The place where her family goes to eat, and she recommends the Omakase style orders

4.         The Bad

Listen to what Yuki says about some things that she finds hard to understand.

5.         The Awesome

Fanime - How it’s almost become a family tradition

6.         The Hidden

Dark Carnival - Berkeley’s wonderful secret

7.         The Storm

Game Informer - Click her to check things out.

8.         The Money

$1,000 to spend in one night? –

Party Bus

Harris Steak House


Harry Denton’s Rouge


$20 to spend in one night –

Princess Garden

Firefly on Netflix

9.         The Close

Yuki shares what San Francisco means to hear, and why she’ll never leave.

10.   Connect


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